On November 8th, more than 100 graduate workers rallied on the West Village Quad, celebrating our majority support among graduate students, and calling on the administration to respect our right to vote and agree not to appeal to the Trump labor board. Graduate students in every department support the union, and we want to hold a fair election so we can win and bargain for a contract. Northeastern must choose to listen to its graduate workers rather than align with the Trump administration. Chastity Kelly, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, said at the rally, “There is no substitute for the legal protection of a union contract.”

After the rally, 40 of us marched to the office of President Aoun, where we delivered a letter (hand signed by all) asking the Northeastern administration to meet with us and agree on a process for a union election which respects our lawful right to organize a union without giving the Trump administration the chance to steal our right to organize. We look forward to the administration’s response.

Hear our voices! Northeastern works because we do!

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