Graduate Employees of Northeastern University – UAW is a union of student workers who stand together to collectively improve our working conditions at Northeastern University. As a student employee union, we democratically bargain for improvements for all student workers across the university, from Chemists working long hours each week in their labs to Writing Center Consultants tirelessly advising student writers. Our collective bargaining process gives student workers a seat at the table with university administrators and faculty in order to negotiate for improvements so we can turn our focus to providing quality education and research.

Without a student workers union, the terms of our working conditions are precarious—we lack child care and adequate dental and healthcare, summer funding, conference funding, protections for international students, and job and wage security. A union will secure our benefits and working conditions, and Northeastern will need our consent to set the terms of our employment. Not only does our union protect student workers from unethical work environments, it also gives us recognition as professionals who cultivate excellence in research and teaching at Northeastern.