Working together for a stronger voice at Northeastern!

Are we students or are we workers? We are hired by the university to do work that we love – teaching and research. We are also students pursuing graduate degrees in our fields. Dedicated to our work, we find ourselves working long hours and making personal sacrifices in order to follow our passions. Many of these sacrifices include: stipends that do not match our expertise or work hours, lack of childcare, and limited health insurance coverage, among others.

We are tired of making unnecessary sacrifices. Joining together across all academic disciplines, we are fighting for the respect and recognition we deserve as both students and workers. With our union, will stand up for all working graduate students, especially international student workers.

We are an integral part of the Northeastern community, and we are building our union so we can gain a seat at the table and have a say in the decisions that affect our work. With our union, we will bargain with Northeastern on equal terms over our benefits and working conditions, and we will fight for improvements that will allow us focus on being the best researchers and educators we can be. That’s good for us and our families, our students, and Northeastern!

We are GENU-UAW!